Welcome to Gratitude Gazette!  My goal is that this be a safe and nurturing space, where we come to center, heal, grow, learn, and continually move more fully in to our own, personal best expression in this life.

The Bible says, “Pick up your bed and walk.”  The Course in Miracles repeats:  “Only love is real.  Fear is delusion appearing real.”  Believing we are separate from God and unsafe is a delusional, fear-filled thought, which for many of us, rules and ruins our lives.  Here, we choose that the opposite is true:  We are safe.  We are love, loved, loveable, and lovely.  We are eternal.  We are light.  We were created in the likeness and image of God. We come here to remember.

We all experience challenges and set backs.  None of us have escaped the experiences of pain, fear, self-doubt, anger, blame, confusion, frustration, fatigue, sluggishness, disappointment, and lack of faith.

It’s not how we fall, but how we get back up again.

Gratitude Gazette is here to steady our ship, soothe our souls, and help us get back up again after a slip as small as just not feeling quite right today, or as large as — wow, I really messed that up big time; and everything in between.  Every given moment is an opportunity to start again.  As we study, practice, center, and grow together, we’re clearing a path in our lives on which we slip from joy and faith into fear and other lower emotions less and less frequently, until perhaps one day we don’t revisit them at all anymore.

Our lives are expressions and manifestations of our thoughts and belief systems.  If we believe that everything tends to just work out for us, it usually does.  If we believe the opposite, life has a funny way of proving that true also.  So much of our lives experiences have to do with our state of mind, the attitudinal lens through which we view ourselves, others, the events of our lives, our potentials, perceived limitations, and our connection to the divine.

We go to the gym, for a walk, a bike ride, a swim, whatever, to exercise our physical body.  We consciously take time to do this.  But our mental and spiritual bodies need just as much, if not more, nurturing.  We can go off the rails so easily and start driving down every dark and destructive road we see so quickly.  As we grow in spiritual strength and discipline, we turn down these roads less and less often; and if we do, we get off of them much more quickly and return to center.

What is center?  Center is joy.  Center is optimism and faith.  Center is service.  Center is health.  Center is love, for ourselves, for others, for God who made us.

Journey with me back to center.  Use the free meditations.  Participate in the free online classes and teleseminars.  Watch a video.  Play an audio.  Read an article.  Support and be supported in the online community.

We are here to grow in faith, in health, happiness, and service to our world, as that is the only place true happiness is ever really found.

“Pick up your bed and walk.”

Welcome and with love,


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