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The Bible says, “Pick up your bed and walk.”  The Course in Miracles repeats:  “Only love is real.  Fear is delusion appearing real.”  Believing we are separate from God and unsafe is a delusional, fear-filled thought, which for many of us, rules and ruins our lives.  Here, we choose that the opposite is true:  We are safe.  We are love, loved, loveable, and lovely.  We are eternal.  We are light.  We were created in the likeness and image of God. We come here to remember.

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Audio: Living Your Dharma by Marianne Williamson

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Without A Doubt: A Discourse on Self-Trust

By Dr. Wayne Dyer Abraham Maslow spent a good part of his adult life researching and writing about the idea of self-actualization. He described the small percentage of people he called “self-actualizing” as living at the extraordinary level of consciousness. I vividly recall Dr. Maslow’s assertion that one of the highest qualities these self-actualizers possess …

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